Our extensive menu includes many salad variations such as mixed salads with cheese and ham as well as salads topped with turkey breast.


Our homemade soups like a “Badian” potato soup or a goulash soup will warm you up from inside.


The pickled herring “Hausfrauenart” with fried potatoes, the white sausages with warm pretzel and sweet mustard, the “Obatzer” cheese with fresh farm bread and the homemade sausage salad are some of our popular lunch options.


It does not always have to be meat – we are happy to offer homemade vegetarian dishes such as cheese pasties, bread dumplings with mushroom sauce and salad plates as well as our popular spinach tomato lasagna.


We also offer you variations of the German Classic “Schnitzel”. We are happy to serve you the “Jägerschnitzel” with mushroom sauce and homemade Spätzle or the “Zigeunerschitzel” with bell pepper and onions and a side of fried potatoes. We also offer the “Schnitzel Hawaii” with ham and pineapple as well as the traditional Schnitzel with a side of fries.


For all meat lovers, we gladly serve our rump steak with herb butter, roasted rabbit, brewer’s steak or “Zwiebelrostbraten” medium, rare or well-done upon request, each with a side of homemade Spätzle.


For special occasions, we offer our home-made beer-sirloin steak, pork sirloin or boar roast with black beer sauce and homemade bread dumplings.


Another German Classic: sour kidneys with homemade Spätzle. You can enjoy this classic anywhere, but our kitchen chefs prepare it fresh daily.


The Alsace in Baden – our homemade tarte flambées with bacon, onions, garlic, mushrooms, cheese and many other delicious toppings in different combinations.


The sweetness comes to the end: whether apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, various sundaes or “Kaiserschmarren”, a version of pancakes, with powdered sugar, raisins and apple sauce – Everyone can treat themselves to a sweet desert.


Please note that this is only a selection, especially our seasonal special invite you to pamper yourself.