Before we start the fun, one thing comes first: At Wallhall, everything remains as it is.
This applies to both our natural beer, which can do without the usually performed filtration, as well as the food served in our house. The German cuisine takes on an important role and is as they say “as the Gods deserve it”. With this we can ensure that everything we provide you with meets the highest demands.

A gift from the gods
Thousands of years ago when the gods left their heavenly kingdom to introduce the humans to beer, a radiant spark struck the earth. Happiness and joy dominated the humans’ mood until they started to forget the secret of the divine beer…
We have found what many generations of human beings have looked for desperately – brewing beer according to ancient rituals and traditions. It is a gift of the gods, one might say.

Brewing at Wallhall
The largest brewing kettle used to be located at the legendary Wallhall, the home of gods, kings and warriors. As it can be expected in heaven, there were earthly pleasures to indulge in. The father of gods, Odin even had a brewing competition with the goddess Frigga….
Unfortunately, we do not know who of the two ended up winning the contest. However, the recipe of the beverage was handed down from generation to generation remaining the same until today.

Hops in honor of the gods
One day, the divine Frigga fought with her husband Odin. As usual the confrontation was about whether the female or male hops was better. When Odin claimed that Frigga could not brew, she refused to talk to him for an entire week. Attempting to resolve their conflict, Odin declared that only female hops was to be used to brew. We stick to this to this day – only the finest hops are good enough for us.

With malt into the mating season
One day the goddess of beauty and love of Thor, Freia said “Don’t brag too much, the spice of life dos not only consist of making thunder”. She then bent over the kettle and kissed him, dropping her barley wheat bread into the kettle. The result of this accident: full-bodied flavor and a euphoric Thor. In honor of the two lovers, we only use the finest barley malt from Bruchsal in Germanium for brewing – and a lot of it.

How the water got into the beer
When one day Aegir, god of water noticed that Thor had caused a low tide during a tasting with Loki, he had an idea. “ If Loki can connect Thor’s drinking horn to the sea, I can do the same with the water reserve at the Wallhall, department Bruchsal in Baden-Wurttemberg”. Even today, the water used for the divine beverage comes straight from the heavenly kettle thanks to Aegir. This is what gives our beer its signature taste.

Brewing like the gods
Once the ingredients are clarified: get started with the kettle! If only it was there. Due to the abduction of the brewing kettle, a dark time for brewing started. Tyr and Thor felt like they had to do something about the issue. They went and stole the kettle from the giants and for the sake of simplicity installed it as a vault. We brew our god like beer under this dome over Bruchsal. What you can see: if the sky is full of clouds, the gods are brewing. If you can hear thunder, Thor is most likely cleaning the kettle.

Odin puts it all together
When Odin gets started up there, the Aegir’s line gets opened and the malt Ks put into the pan. When the fire under the kettle burns and the mixture boils nicely, the first part of the work is done. Then the party gets started and the hops are added. When the whole thing gets cooked, thick clouds form in the sky.

Gods and the Heavenly Alcohol
When the clouds dissolve, the brew is ready. Odin then throws the yeast into the kettle and waits for the fermentation. He sits and waits for more than a week while the beer in the kettle develops its alcohol content. During this time, all the other gods rest as well. Since the beer is sacred to them, they also increase their alcohol content just like the beverage.

Waiting for maturity
A fresh beer right after resting? A misconception. The fresh brew takes time to mature and develop flavor. There is a lot more to do before the liquid gold turns unto a sparkling goodness. And when the beverage is finished after the next moon, there will be a wild party at Wallhall – in honor of a god, of course.

Spoiled heroes
And who takes care of the beer when everyone is celebrating at the Wallhall? The answers is the Valkyrie. They hall the glasses, lift the jars, deliver food to the hungry warriors, entertain the guests and ensure that everything is well in the brew heaven of Bruchsal. But be aware! Do not hold your head up too high. After all, the Wallhall is heaven but also only on earth.